A key aspect of being a manager is having a duty of care to protect the health and welfare of the people you work with. Focusing on what are the most likely potential sources of stress for your employees is a great way to identify what could also be the best kind of support they need.

Having ways for employees to raise their concerns is essential and these could include the following:

1. Create an environment where employees are encouraged to talk, both formally and informally, to their manager or another person in their management chain.

2. Remind employees that they can speak to health and safety representatives or human resources personnel.

3. Encourage employees to talk to someone in the organisation or seek advice from occupational health advisors or their GP if they are concerned about their health.

4. Introduce mentoring and other forms of co-worker support.

5. Provide employee assistance (therapy and coaching) services.

The sooner action is taken to prevent or deal with stress in the workplace, the better. This will minimise the damage caused by stress and support the individual to improve their mental and physical health. If their health is impacted, a referral to occupational health or signposting to further support is advisable as well as suggesting they see their GP.


Author: Sarah Speziali, Chief Therapist at InsideOut