InsideOut FAQs


How quickly can I speak to an expert?

After completing our online diagnostic form, we will match you with up to three mental health experts who are skilled and experienced in the areas where you need support within 24 hours. It’s usually much quicker than that though!

Do I have to complete the on-boarding diagnostic?

In a word, yes! We need you to complete the diagnostic so that we can understand how we can best help you. So as to make sure you’re matched to the right mental health experts who are skilled to help and support you.

What happens to the answers I give to the on-boarding questionnaire?

Good question! The answers you provide in the questionnaire are completely confidential. Rest assured we don’t share these with your employer – we wouldn’t want our information shared and know you don’t too. We use the information you provide to match you with up to three mental health experts who are trained and skilled in the areas in which you need support. For this to happen it’s important you are truthful in your answers.

I’m feeling great, do I still need to complete the on-boarding questionnaire?

That’s great to hear you’re in a good place right now. There is an option in the first set of questions that asks how you have been feeling generally over the last two weeks. You can select here that you feel ‘happy’. This will take you to the end of the questionnaire and direct you to the self-help tools and content, designed to help you maintain your positive mental health.

How do you match me with my Coach or Therapist?

After completing the diagnostic we will review what your areas of need are and match you with mental health experts who have the relevant expertise to help you. You will be notified both via email and via the app when your matches are ready for viewing.

How do I know what mental health expert to choose?

A crucial part of your healing process is finding the right person to work with. This is usually based on quickly feeling you can build trust and rapport with that person, as well as the style of work they offer. Checking your coach or therapist’s profile will give you insight on their training and a sense of their expertise and style of working.

How many sessions will I need?

How long is a piece of string?! Everyone is different and is experiencing different challenges, therefore there is no predetermined number of sessions. Your dedicated mental health expert will work with you to develop a support plan during your first consultation session. This will provide you with some guidance on the number of sessions you are likely to need. Also bear in mind that your company will have chosen a set amount of sessions for you to access which will also have to be taken in consideration.

How long does a therapy or coaching sessions last?

Each session will last up to 50 minutes, your virtual meeting room will close after 60 minutes. Please make sure you have time to arrive in a quiet and private space 5 minutes before the start of the session and that you’re free to attend the full session. If you are unable to speak for the full 50 minute session, please tell your coach or therapist at the start of the session.

What if I can no longer make my session?

If you are unable to make a session you have booked please try to cancel 24 hours in advance. Failure to cancel will result in your employer being charged for your session and may mean you will lose that session credit from the allocation you have been given.

Do I have to pay to speak to a mental health expert?

If your employer has joined the InsideOut Employee Benefit Programme you will not need to pay to access therapy.
If your employer doesn’t have InsideOut as an employee benefit, you can access therapy and coaching on a self-funded basis. We have different levels of membership available, simply select the package which you feel is right for you.

How many sessions can I access?

Good question! If your company has InsideOut as an employee benefit, the number of sessions you can access will depend on the subscription your employer has signed up to – please contact your employer to find out the exact details of your subscription. If however you are a self-paying user, you can access as many sessions as you like. Simply purchase a bundle of therapy or coaching hours and off you go. You can top these up as you go if needed. Molly’s here to help you. If you have any questions drop her a line on [email protected]

I don’t want my employer to know that I am using InsideOut, is the platform confidential?

We have designed InsideOut in such a way that your employer will not know if you have accessed sessions with one of our mental health experts or viewed any of the online support content. The platform is completely confidential. Rest assured!

What kind of space should I have my online sessions in?

For your session to run smoothly, you’ll need to find a quiet and private space to have your sessions in. This can be in your house, in a room of a public space or outdoors, always make sure it’s a place where you can have a confidential conversation without having background noise interfering or other people interrupting. It’s advisable not to have your sessions on public transport or in the street.

How do I end my therapy or coaching sessions?

If you’ve started working with a mental health expert, it’s always advisable not to abruptly interrupt your sessions but agree with your therapist or coach how many closing sessions you will have. Always make sure you have at least one closing session.

What timings do I need to schedule for?

Please make sure you are in a quiet and private space at least 5 minutes prior to the start of the session. Make yourself comfortable and take this time to mentally prepare for your session. Make sure you have 50 minutes free in your schedule to have a full session.

What if I don’t feel good after a session?

Having therapy or coaching is very often a challenging experience of inner transformation and enquiry. This will not always be a simple process and at times one needs to feel worst before starting to feel better. Take care of yourself, make sure you have time to process the session’s content and plenty of time for rest and healthy food.

What topics should I talk about in a therapy or coaching sessions?

You might know very well what you’d like to work on with your therapist or coach, or you might have no idea at all what it is that you’re struggling with. In either cases this is fine. Both therapy and coaching sessions are intended to be a confidential, non-judgmental space for you to freely explore your thoughts and emotions. In time, patterns of thoughts and behaviours will start to emerge and more insight and clarity will come to you.

What happens in my 1st consultation session?

In your first consultation session, you will have the chance to meet your therapist or coach and discuss what it is that you’d like to receive support in, as well as what you’d like to get out of your sessions together. Especially when working with a coach you might set clear goals and expectations you can work towards.

What if I’d like to have more sessions once I’ve finished my allocated amount paid from my business?

If you and your mental health expert agree that you’d benefit from having more sessions, then you’re therapist or coach will have to fill in a referral form for InsideOut and your business to approve. Alternatively you can keep working with your mental health expert and pay personally for a package of sessions directly to InsideOut. To know more about our packages please email [email protected]

I am scared. I have never accessed therapy or coaching before.

Please don’t worry, it’s completely normal to feel this way. The thought of speaking to a therapist or coach can be overwhelming, but rest assured they are professional and approachable people who are there to help you overcome your challenges and feel better. Over a number of sessions, you will talk with your coach or therapist about your concerns and they will help you to focus on taking steps forward. Sessions are 100% confidential. Your data and information won’t be shared with anyone else other than your designated mental health expert. You are not the first person to access support and certainly won’t be the last. Just think of therapy and coaching as personal training for your mind!

I don’t have a good rapport with my therapist/coach in my first session, can I see someone else?

Of course! Having a good rapport with your coach or therapist is paramount. You need to be able to speak freely and openly with them. If you feel that you are not able to build this level of trust with the mental health expert you have chosen, you are able to select a new one in the App. Go to Therapist > Your Therapist > Select New Therapist. For any problems or queries, you can email [email protected]

Can my family use InsideOut for therapy or coaching?

This is up to your organisation to decide in regards to who can make use of you InsideOut license. It’s important to note that InsideOut therapists and coaches are not able to hold sessions with any under the age of 18

Technical issues

I can’t sign-up, it won’t accept my password?

We’re sorry to hear you’re having trouble joining the platform. Please make sure that your password is 8 characters long and has no special characters (@, #, $, %, &, * and +). If you’re still experiencing problems please email [email protected]

How do I join the call with my Coach or Therapist?

Once you’ve confirmed a time slot with your mental health expert, to start your session you just have to log into the InsideOut App > log into your Appointments > press the ‘join call’ button. At this point a virtual meeting room will open for you and your chosen mental health expert to have your sessions in.

I’m having trouble hearing my Coach or Therapist during our call, what should I do?

We’re sorry to hear that you’re having problems with the audio on your call. In the first instance, please check that you have a strong wifi or 4G connection – you may wish to try changing from wifi to 4G and vice versa. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, we suggest ending the call and re-joining it. Closing the video might also help improve the audio of your session. In most cases the above troubleshooting clears up the issue. If you are still having problems please contact us and we’ll help you resolve the issue. Drop us an email on [email protected]

I’m having trouble seeing my Coach or Therapist during our video call, what should I do?

We’re sorry to hear that you’re having problems with the video quality of your call. In the first instance, please check that you have a strong wifi or 4G connection – you may wish to try changing from wifi to 4G and vice versa. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, we suggest ending the call and re-joining it. In most cases the above troubleshooting clears up the issue. If you are still having problems please contact us and we’ll help you resolve the issue. Drop us an email on [email protected]

Where can I see my booked sessions and session history?

We understand it’s important to keep a record of the sessions that you have had. All past sessions (and future upcoming sessions) can be seen in your Appointments page on the App, which is accessed via the ‘Appointments’ icon button in the bottom navigation bar. Simply scroll up and down the page and you will see all your past and future bookings.

How do I cancel a session?

We understand that you are busy and may need to cancel an appointment from time to time. If you need to cancel an appointment you can do so in your bookings. Click on the Appointments icon button in the navigation bar > select the session that you would like to cancel > hit the cancel button in on the right-hand side. We will then send both yourself and your therapist or coach a cancellation confirmation email. You can of course re-book, to do so go to therapist results > select therapist > book appointment. Please do try to cancel with at least 24 hours notice where possible.

How do I schedule another session with my Coach or Therapist?

After your call has ended, the chat window will close. You will then be taken back to your Appointments where you can either re-book another appointment with the same therapist or coach or you can select ‘Therapists’ using the navigation bar and book an appointment with an alternative mental health expert.

Feedback & More

I would like to become an InsideOut Ambassador – how can I find out more?

Awesome! We are always looking for people who love our platform and want to come on board and help us spread the message about InsideOut. Please email [email protected] to find out more about our ambassador programme.

I have ideas around how the App can be improved and/or for new features, how can I provide feedback to the InsideOut team?

We love hearing ideas from our community of how we can improve our platform. If you have ideas that you would like to share please send them across to [email protected], she would love to hear from you!

I have found a bug in the App, how can I provide feedback to the InsideOut team?

Sorry to hear you’ve found a bug, but thank you for spotting it! Our technical team are on hand to help with these kinds of issues so please send us the details to [email protected] and we’ll get straight on to fixing the issue.

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