Personalised, full spectrum workplace mental health platform.

Empowering employees to improve their mental wellbeing with on-demand, evidence-based tools.

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Every mind matters

Mental health is fluid and fluctuates daily. Those who are mentally fit excel.

The power of prevention

Interactive, evidence-based tools and assessments designed by experts and clinicians.
Build mental fitness across all pillars of Wellbeing; physical, mental, financial and nutritional.
Personalised mental fitness plan tailored to the individuals needs.
Reduce burnout, improve sleep and foster better relationships.

Cultural insights and trends

Simple and effective tools clinically proven to improve employee wellbeing
Anonymous data trends to improve your corporate wellbeing goals
Understand the wellbeing challenges your employees face
Tailored campaigns to combat troublesome areas
Personalised launch campaign and ongoing support to boost reach and engagement

Much more effective and
impactful than an EAP…

Report improved symptoms after just 3 sessions
Success rate in matching employees to experts first time
Report better overall Wellbeing
Greater engagement than traditional EAPs

…a solution that resonates
with today’s future workforce.

Instant access
No triage calls
Straight to the right person
Talk to the same person
Everyone guaranteed sessions
Personalised mental fitness tools
Suitable for everyone
Content covering all learning styles

Don’t just take our word for it…

“InsideOut is one of the most convenient ways to find help, whereever I may be. My therapist has been superb. I can go into a session full
of doubt and leave with direction.”

— Employee, NHS

How valuable is employee wellbeing to you?

A small price to pay to:

  • Boost productivity
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Improve presenteeism
  • Improve morale
  • retain and attract talent

We partner with
international providers
to support your
global team.

Our carefully selected and screened community of mental health experts support over 15 languages.

Are you ready to improve employee wellbeing?

Mental wellbeing tools for the modern and future workforce.

InsideOut empowers your employees to look after their mental wellbeing, accessing tools and support when they need to.

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