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Revolutionise the way you provide mental health support with new innovative, on-demand tools.

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Our mission is to put accessible mental health and wellbeing support into the palm of 10m employees’ hands globally.

InsideOut is changing the way mental healthcare is provided for individuals and employees

On-demand coaching and therapy 24/7

Our coaches and therapists are carefully handpicked by us. We only work with the best who are skilled to help you become a better version of yourself.

We’ve always got your back

A curated set of self-help mental fitness tools and content designed to help you deal with life’s challenges and build resilience.

Community events

You’re never alone. Join our webinars and meet like-minded people going through similar challenges. Listen to industry experts share their stories and top tips.

Workplace tools and training

A range of tools and education services to optimise mental wellbeing and human performance.

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How we are different

InsideOut Podcast

Laura opens up the mental health conversation to get what’s going on in the inside out into the open.

She talks to guests about the challenging times they have been through and what they do now to maintain a positive state of mind to stay strong, happy and resilient.

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