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Mindfulness in 5 Steps – Why is it so useful NOW?

January 4th, 2021|

How we experience the world, relate to others, and find meaning in life are dependent upon how we have come to regulate our emotions. (Siegel, 1999:273) During these challenging times we experience heightened emotions as we are navigating great uncertainty. Daily stress, worry about our health and our loved ones as well as financial insecurity

Spotlight on Kindness

January 4th, 2021|

If you turn on the TV today or get on a news app, all you can see in this environment are stories of despair, uncertainty, sadness and hopelessness. So amid all the doom and gloom it’s incredibly amazing when we hear stories of communities coming together, people helping each other out and random acts of

Taming Your Inner Critic

January 4th, 2021|

What if you fail? What if nobody likes you? You are stupid. Why are you so different? You will never be happy. If these statements and questions sound familiar then it’s the loud “voice” of your inner critic. We all possess an inner critic or an inner bully and we experience this “voice” as a

Practise Gratitude to Improve Your Mental Health

November 26th, 2020|

Gratitude is Good Many studies have shown that practising daily acts of gratitude can have a positive impact on our mental and physical health. Academic Robert Emmons has for years been writing about the benefits of having a regular gratitude practice. In his essay, ‘Why Gratitude is Good’ (Emmons 2010), Emmons discusses the positive effects

Strengths-Based Interventions to Build Resilience

November 25th, 2020|

Every year I look forward to autumn. The fresh chill in the air, the leaves changing colours and enjoying that lovely feeling of a renewed energy after the summer break. But this year has been different. Over the course of 2020, the coronavirus pandemic has grown dire, infecting and sickening millions globally and putting lives

Getting Unstuck in a Pandemic

November 25th, 2020|

There’s a lot on our plates at the moment. With all the uncertainty around us given the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s quite understandable to feel stuck in our lives, careers and even our relationships. The feeling of being stuck and not able to move forward is quite excruciating. Finding ways to get unstuck

Are you SAD?

October 30th, 2020|

Winter is coming. The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting colder and, on top of it all, we also have a second lockdown looming. That's why this winter we're even more likely to experience SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Learning about SAD can help prevent it and put measures in place to deal with

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