There are many ways we can foster resilience – doing a marathon, climbing a mountain, overcoming daily challenges. What if you can’t leave your house? Here are some ways you can foster your resilience in your everyday life.

  1. Identify your strengths by writing down something you are good at and something you’re proud of
  2. Notice what makes you feel relaxed, happy and supported
  3. Acknowledge your coping mechanism and strategies you put in place when things get tough
  4. Think back at how you faced and overcame challenges in the past
  5. Notice and foster kindness in yourself and others
  6. Give appreciation
  7. Practice gratitude

Practising these simple, yet profound skills on a daily basis will help you build your resilience, boost your confidence and get you to be better equipped to face the challenges in your life.

Author: Sarah Speziali, Chief Therapist at InsideOut