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The leading full-spectrum mental health platform providing employees with personalised support proven to reduce stress, lower anxiety and prevent burnout.

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InsideOut is a personalised, full spectrum workplace mental health platform.

Employee mental health is now a top priority in the wake of Covid-19. It is critical for employers and HR teams to support employee mental health and prioritise the mental wellbeing of their teams.

Backed by science, InsideOut’s award-winning platform is designed for the modern workforce and provides full-spectrum mental health support for employees. InsideOut empowers employees to instantly access support when life throws up challenges that may impact their performance and productivity.

If you care about your teams and want to provide employee wellbeing initiatives and tools that support employee health and wellbeing and improve workplace wellness, get in touch today to find out how InsideOut can help you. We are looking forward to speaking with you!

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    The proof is undeniable: InsideOut works.

    Report improved symptoms after just 3 sessions
    Report better overall wellbeing at work

    More engagement
    than EAPs

    *on average across portfolio

    “InsideOut is one of the most convenient ways to find help, whereever I may be. My therapist has been superb. I can go into a session full
    of doubt and leave with direction.”

    — Employee, NHS

    InsideOut provides:

    1-2-1 support

    Employees can instantly speak to one of our expert Coaches or Therapists via video, phone or message in over 15 different languages. We match employees to experts using our proprietary intelligent matching tool.

    Guided self-help tools

    We understand everyone’s needs are different. Our highly personalised employee mental health programme comprises of a range of interactive tools, audio courses and videos which have been clinically designed by experts to foster resilience across all pillars of health; mental, physical, financial, social and environmental. These are matched to the individual needs’ of the employee.

    Data driven insights

    Better understand the corporate mental health landscape of your organisation and with data trends, cultural insights and MI from your real-time dashboard. Use the data to design and underpin future corporate mental wellbeing campaigns.

    How we are different to an EAP?

    EAPs have been around since the 1970s and over 71% of UK businesses have an EAP in place, yet shockingly, HSE research recently published that stress, anxiety and depression are still the cause of over half of all work-related absences in 2021. It’s time to step up and adopt a platform that provides on-demand, full spectrum mental wellbeing support for employees.
    Employee’s love us!
    Over 50% of employees use us, compared to a traditional EAP where 5% engagement counts as success!
    Tailored support
    Access coaches, psychotherapists, counsellors, and clinical psychologists supporting in over 60 clinically recognised techniques, you won’t get that through an EAP!
    Instant Access
    Wait, no phone lines? That’s right, personalised immediate support at the click of a button.
    That’s not all!
    Journaling tools, mindfulness exercises, financial support, on-demand exercise, guided meditations to name a few! So much more than the reactive approach of an EAP.

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