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Help keep our NHS frontline staff
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Everyone has mental health, yes – even you! We all go through ups and downs, that’s life. Covid-19 is impacting everyone’s mental health, the NHS frontline staff and key workers are not exempt.

Stressful days, coupled with constant worry about patients and their own health and living in isolation are causing NHS frontline staff and key workers mental health problems. We’ve all seen the reports of a young NHS worker who sadly took her own life. She’s not alone. This is real.

We are setting out to raise £500,000 to provide free video therapy sessions for NHS frontline staff and key workers. This is a not for profit campaign. Rest assured no-one is making any money out of this. We’ve removed our fees. Any profits will go back into the NHS, so please give generously to help keep the #NHSmentallyfit.

Thanks a million in advance for your support. Please give generously!

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Are you a licensed mental health practitioner and would like to provide your services to support NHS frontline staff and key workers? Let us know.

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